Our Journey

VIOLET L' EVENTO ® | Wedding Planner & Event Designer was founded in 2010. Since the beginning, we dedicate ourselves to be a perfect companion for every person who wants to throw an event, especially for the couple who are going to be united as one in marriage, engagement, or even wedding anniversary. Not only we help the couple who are going to marry, but we also help our dearest clients with their sweet 17th birthday, kids’ birthday party, and also corporate events. As we run in the business, we reached a conclusion that everybody needs an entertaining party and a hospitable service. Here we are to help you make your dreams and imaginations come true.

The Dream

1st : We will discuss the theme of the party. We will ask several questions about your preferences, so we can understand you perfectly before arranging the concept that will be very personal to you.
2nd : We will create a mood board that displays all of the ideas. It will consist of several photos of your preferences to guide us and your vendors to choose the best ambience for your party.
3rd : We will choose the most suitable vendors according to your theme preferences and budget. Each vendor has their own uniqueness and technique that will give you different result, so it is very important for us to help you choose the vendors that will embrace your theme and mood for the party.
4th : We will make sure all of the preparations are going on time. We will have our event book that will help us to have a clear sight of time. We will also contact your vendors in daily basis to make sure of everything.
5th : We will be the first one who is ready and be the last person to rest. We will be the extension of your hands during the day, and help you to ease your worries. We will make sure everything run smoothly and be as what you plan.

A Blend of Hospitality,
Perfect Moment
and Art

As a wedding planner and event designer, VIOLET L' EVENTO truly wants you to feel satisfied by your event. We believe that hosting an event is not just about the building, the decoration, or the food. The people factor is just as important as that. That is the reason we put the best crews and staffs that we have to help you and your families. They will even help your guests and make sure they will feel like royal invitees. We also use the art to create the perfect moment for you. We will make sure that every moment is breathtaking and amazing for you and your guests to cherish.